Free ebooks on how to write books

Jill has designed and delivered hundreds of writing workshops across the years, on all forms of fiction writing from illustrated picture books for young children to penning memoirs and the adult novel. 

Here the workshops have been put into book form for you to access as a PDF guide. All free, and no forms to fill in. Just click on the book to download. 

 Publishing Pathways

Your book is written, and now you're looking for ways forward. What will be the most satisfying publishing pathway for you? Once you've identified it, learn how to step along the path.

Learn about traditional publishing, ebook development, print-on-demand, audio book production, and other routes available to the contemporary writer.

Comprehensive insight and overview into the complex world of picture books, from planning and plotting to language and illustration - including what to do when you can't draw yourself!

Learn how to pen this challenging book form, from length and structure to rhyming and wordplay. 

Expert input into writing your book for children of school age (up to fifteen), from stand-alones to series and with technical writing advice to structure and simmer a story, grow your characters, and scintillate with your book.

Understand narrative voice, targetting age group and gender, and aligning plot and character.

Bring your novel into being with full instruction on how to get started, how to give it a beginning, middle and end (and whether you should) and all the many technical matters between.


Applicable for narrative non-fiction like memoirs, genre and literary fiction, and includes Young Adult (15+) novels.

How to Write Picture Books

How to Write Children's Books

How to Write a Novel