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From a best-selling fiction author with training in her DNA. 

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With a true portfolio career, Jill Marshall is ...

  • a best-selling author of fiction for all ages, published by major trade publishers Macmillan, Hachette and Penguin and via own indie press

  • publishing industry manuscript assessor, editor, mentor and book coach, with a keen eye for great design and visuals  

  • a global presence with online courses, consultations and coaching, flexibly and globally delivered to suit your needs;

  • a training specialist across both mainstream and creative industries of all sizes, able to walk the talk and then talk some more; 

  • a communications consultant and organisational storyteller, combining hands-on skills with strategic insight to shape brand and message;

  • an executive level people-person and strategist with a blue-chip HR background, including specialist expertise in change communications.

A special note from Jill

I am, first and foremost a writer. I write books when there's no time to write books, no outlet for books, no sensible need to write books ever again. 

It's a compulsion, really. My calling, you might say. I've done many other things in my portfolio career that I thoroughly enjoy  - and training others comes a very, very close second - but writing is my first love (after my family, of course). If you're a writer, too, you'll get this. When people asked me in recent years why I'm still writing, with no obvious publishing route, no money coming in from it, and not even many readers, my answer is always the same: I can't not.  

But suddenly, during the difficult days of 2020, I fully understood why I've kept on keeping on. The world needs new books. It needs stories that uplift and enteratin us, and characters who reflect, support and guide us. And I've got a bunch of them - some old and revived, some exceptionally new, all ready for story-starved readers to enjoy immediately in whatever format they desire, including one or two they might not have seen before. 


They're all available on, often at a discount or even free. I'll put the latest deals on this page so you can access them.  I'd rather they were read than royalties. Please enjoy them - and if you feel the same way about following your writerly dreams, join me on a course to unleash your Practical Creative.          


Jill x

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